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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers
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Here at Real Foods we have everything you need for your weekly ethical, health food and special diet grocery shop. From breakfasts to set you up for the day, to healthy snacks, tasty lunches, all the ingredients for a delicious dinner, and the all-important desserts - you'll find it online in our Grocery Shop.

Make Your Own – Enjoy Baking and Cooking at Home with a little help from Real Foods

More and more people are becoming aware of how much cheap, nutritionally empty stuff is put into processed foods and there is a growing market for all the basic ingredients needed to 'do it yourself'.

Here at Real Foods for years we have been choosing and supplying to our customers an extensive range of great grocery products for those who are wanting to gain greater control over what is included in their meals and in their snacks and so do their own baking and cooking.

Our website offers a wide range of recipes to get your juices flowing. We have recipes for the novice cook  (Newbies), recipes for those who have been cooking a while and consider themselves to be competent cooks and even more for those who have been cooking for years and consider themselves experts in the kitchen.

Ingredients for baking or for cooking are available from Real Foods, and if there is anything you really can't find then we will do our best to find it for you!

Bountiful breakfasts

Choose from great value loose flakes for porridge or homemade muesli. You could buy organic porridge oat flakes or organic jumbo oat flakes both from Real Foods own brand range of organics (see here for a full list of Real Foods own brand products) If you don't fafncy making your own muesli, Real Foods has some delicious mueslis made to their own secret recipes. try for example Real Foods Deluxe Muesli, or for those with wheat intolerance, you could try out tasty Wheat Free Muesli. Buy in bulk for a really good value as well as tasty breakfast. If you want a change from muesli, or simply don't like it, you could try a classic cereals suitable for special diets like gluten-free and wheat-free Barkat Cornflakes, or something a little more indulgent such as Lizi's Belgian Chocolate Granola,also wheat free, vegan and GMO free. If you're dairy-free, find something to suit from our soya milk range like Bonsoy Organic Soya Drink.

If bread and spreads are more your thing, try Artisan Bread Organic Rye or gluten-free Rice Bread from Biona. Try with Carley's Raw Organic Pecan Butter or, for something more fruity, Sunwheel Pear & Apricot Spread.

For a great morning drink you could try one of Biona's bottled fruit juices which are not made from concentrates. we particularlly recommend the popular Tart Cherry Juice or the equally delicious and popular Pomegrante Juice. If these are a bit too sophisticated for the younger members of the family, try offering then dairy free alternatives such as Provamel Banana Soya Drink, or Rice Dream Chocolate Rice Milk.


World on your plate

Take your tastebuds on a round the world trip with our selection of world foods.

Our website includes many recipes from around the world and include ingredient lists that will allow you to buy the ingredients you need from our website.

You may like to try using the popular Essential Organic Coconut Milk in a Thai Green Curry, or use Clearspring Toasted Sesame Oil to create appealing Vietnamese Omelettes.

If you favour Indian cuisine, try Suma's Organic Chopped Tomatoes with red lentils prepared in a tradional, Indian recipe


For dessert, why not try and American pancake recipe? And for healthy frying of pancakes, use Essentail Organic, Raw Coconut Oil.

We aslo have recipes from Italy, France, asia and the Middle east. Not to mention many great British choices.

Adding Flavour

Processed foods are well known for the amount of salt included to add flavour. When cooking at home avoid salt and add flavour using a selection from the wide range of herbs and spices available.

Try adding Real Foods Sage to a risotto for a really pungent, slightly minty taste, or why not add Real Foods Mixed Herbs.

If you are looking for a spicy alternative to salt, trying adding Real Foods Cumin and Real Foods Paprika to sweet potato wedges, or make this wonderfully spicy chick pea sauce adding Real Foods Cumin and Real Foods Turmeric for a truly authentic flavour.


Gluten Free Baking and Cooking

Many of our recipes are for gluten free alternatives and are clearly labelled as such.

At Christmas time, why not try our Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free Christmas Cake recipe - all the ingredients you need for this recipe are available in store or on line and can be added to your basket if you click the button at the bottom of the ingredients list.

At any time of the year you can enjoy a tasty gluten free loaf if you try our Buckwheat and Millet Bread or enjoy delicious Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or supper).

For more ideas of what other gluten free bakes you can enjoy search our recipes for 'gluten free' and take a look at over 100 other possibilities - there is something there for everyone.

A Little Bit of Sweetness

Here at Real Foods we sell lots of different sugars plus a lot of alternative ways of adding a little sweetness to your baking and cooking.

Try using Xylitol instead of sugar in a recipe or Coconut Nectar for a sweetener with a low GI score that won't mess with your blood sugar levels.


Love Fruit in Your Baking?

If so then the wide variety of dried fruits available at Real Foods will be a special delight. Packed in small quantities on our own premises, Real Foods own brand packs of a large range of different dried fruits offer freshness and value not often found in other brands.

Buy Real Foods own brand dried fruits and you can be sure that your fruit will be lovely and fresh - from a vacuumed packed case to an environmentally friendly cellophane bag, straight on to the shelves in our shops. The bigger the pack that you buy, the better the price to you. Pre-cycle the packaging by buying in bulk and you will not only benefit the environment, but you will benefit your purse as well.

Take a look at the list and see what a cornucopia of choice is available. Choose from apple rings, apricots, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, currants, the list goes on and on.

Or How About Nuts and Seeds?

As with dried fruits, Real Foods has an abundance of choice for you when it comes to nuts and seeds.

You can choose from almonds, apricot kernels, amaranth seeds, brazilnuts, cashews, chia seeds and many, many more.

Just like the dried fruits, nuts and seeds are packed in small quantities on site for maximum freshness for the consumer. The bigger the pack you buy, the better the price will be.

Unsure what to choose from the wide variety? Why not try out some of the recipes from our website like Brazilnut Korma or combine with some dried fruit to make Fruit, Seed and Nut Bars.


Super snacks

Keep hunger at bay with our huge range of healthier and special diet snacks, including dried fruit and nuts, crispbreads, rice cakes, bread sticks, raw snack bars, popcorn, fruit and vegetable crisps, gluten-free cookies, and other sweet treats like liquorice, marzipan and raw chocolate.

Try Organic Pumpkin Seeds or Hulled Organic Sunflower Kernals or mix the two together for a healthy mid meal snack. Or, if you would like something a little sweet, why not mix Unsulphured Organic Apricots with Whole Sweet Almonds

For an impressive looking and very enjoyable evening nibble, share a bag of Garcia Organic Blue Tortilla Chips with your friends, adding a Hot Salsa Dip from Biona to complete the evening.


Stock up

Keep your store cupboard full with all the essentials, such as Raw Apple Cider Vinegar from Raw Health, or Clearspring Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

But Most Important of All

Get into your kitchen and start to enjoy the experience of preparing and eating your own delicious baking and cooking.