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Dark TVP Mince
Real Foods
Limited availability due to high coronavirus demand
Soya Drink Unsweetened ORGANIC
Provamel (1l)
Soya Cream Dream ORGANIC
Provamel (250ml)
Braised Tofu Gluten Free
Marigold (225g)
Tofu Firm
Morinaga (349g)
Soy Jerky Texas BBQ Vegan
Primal (28g)
Young Jackfruit ORGANIC
Essential (400g)
Tempeh Vegan, ORGANIC
Biona (400g)
Soya Mince Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Clearspring (300g)
Soya Drink no added sugar
Bonsoy (1l)
Mock Duck Ready Meal Vegan
Granovita (285g)
Dark Chocolate Soya Dessert Vegan
Alpro (4x125g)
Soya Chunks Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Clearspring (200g)
Soy Jerky Seitan Teriyaki Vegan
Primal (28g)

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