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Bulk Wholesale Baking and Cooking Supplies & Ingredients

Quality wholesale baking ingredients delivered to your door. Buy high quality bulk cooking ingredients online in wholesale sizes to get the best value. Bulk buying organic, unusual or conventional baking ingredients will give you great savings. Find your hard to source baking and cooking ingredients here. Try our smaller pack sizes when you want to sample something new. Then come back and buy in bulk.

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  4 bulk units2 bulk units1 bulk unit6kg3kg1kg500g250g100g50g25g
Fine Sea Salt
£15.43(per 25kg x 2)
6p / 100g
£15.74(per 25kg)
6p / 100g
£3.0910p / 100g £1.4114p / 100g £0.9519p / 100g
Raw Cane Crystallised Ginger Pieces
£119.47(per 20kg x 2)
60p / 100g
£121.91(per 20kg)
61p / 100g
£5.55111p / 100g £3.18127p / 100g £1.64164p / 100g
Baking Powder
£64.76(per 25kg x 2)
26p / 100g
£66.08(per 25kg)
26p / 100g
£19.3532p / 100g £4.3944p / 100g £1.4558p / 100g £0.7676p / 100g
£13.94(per 5kg x 2)
28p / 100g
£14.22(per 5kg)
28p / 100g
£2.0682p / 100g £1.03103p / 100g
Potato Starch Flour ORGANIC
£87.90(per 25kg x 2)
35p / 100g
£89.69(per 25kg)
36p / 100g
£2.4048p / 100g
Black Salt
£37.56(per 25kg x 2)
15p / 100g
£38.33(per 25kg)
15p / 100g
£1.01101p / 100g
Ginger Shavings in Syrup
£54.33(per 12.5kg x 2)
43p / 100g
£55.44(per 12.5kg)
44p / 100g
£47.9780p / 100g
Vital Wheat Gluten Flour ORGANIC
£190.87(per 25kg x 2)
76p / 100g
£194.77(per 25kg)
78p / 100g
£6.68134p / 100g £3.68147p / 100g
Cream of Tartar
£49.13(per 5kg x 2)
98p / 100g
£50.13(per 5kg)
100p / 100g
£13.90139p / 100g £7.19144p / 100g
Ginger Pieces added sugar
£32.13(per 3.5kg x 2)
92p / 100g
£32.79(per 3.5kg)
94p / 100g
£2.06206p / 100g
Citric Acid Solid Cooking
£61.33(per 10kg x 2)
61p / 100g
£62.58(per 10kg)
63p / 100g
£18.8463p / 100g £7.9780p / 100g £1.16116p / 100g
Ginger Crush in Syrup
£65.06(per 12.5kg x 2)
52p / 100g
£66.39(per 12.5kg)
53p / 100g
£3.16126p / 100g
Natural Colour Marzipan
£27.91(per 4kg x 2)
70p / 100g
£28.48(per 4kg)
71p / 100g
£7.00140p / 100g £3.83153p / 100g
Cornstarch Vegan, yeast free, ORGANIC
£70.98(per 25kg x 2)
28p / 100g
£72.43(per 25kg)
29p / 100g
£28.1447p / 100g £13.6145p / 100g £4.7247p / 100g
Carob Powder ORGANIC
£17.71(per 1000g x 2)
177p / 100g
£18.07(per 1000g)
181p / 100g
£7.91316p / 100g
Whey Powder yeast free, ORGANIC
£179.52(per 25kg x 2)
72p / 100g
£183.18(per 25kg)
73p / 100g
£63.92107p / 100g £11.41114p / 100g £3.35134p / 100g
Coarse Sea Salt
£7.35(per 10kg x 2)
7p / 100g
£7.50(per 10kg)
8p / 100g
£1.6216p / 100g £1.0621p / 100g
White Breadcrumbs ORGANIC
£67.88(per 25kg x 2)
27p / 100g
£69.27(per 25kg)
28p / 100g
£27.7246p / 100g £14.4748p / 100g £4.9850p / 100g £1.7068p / 100g
Corn Glucose / Dextrose Powder ORGANIC
£106.12(per 25kg x 2)
42p / 100g
£108.29(per 25kg)
43p / 100g
Carob Locust Bean Gum Vegan, ORGANIC
£405.72(per 10kg x 2)
406p / 100g
£414.00(per 10kg)
414p / 100g
£63.71637p / 100g £7.35735p / 100g
Bicarbonate of Soda
£37.39(per 25kg x 2)
15p / 100g
£38.15(per 25kg)
15p / 100g
£3.6837p / 100g £2.3146p / 100g £0.8888p / 100g
Ginger Balls in Syrup
£78.92(per 12.5kg x 2)
63p / 100g
£80.53(per 12.5kg)
64p / 100g
£61.24102p / 100g £6.26125p / 100g £3.61144p / 100g
Potato Starch Flour
£49.66(per 25kg x 2)
20p / 100g
£50.67(per 25kg)
20p / 100g
£23.5239p / 100g £12.3741p / 100g £1.6064p / 100g
Chocolate Drops ORGANIC
£141.33(per 10kg x 2)
141p / 100g
£144.21(per 10kg)
144p / 100g
£67.41225p / 100g £3.04304p / 100g

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A cornucopia of ingredients for creating your own meals and baking from scratch. We can provide everything from Arrowroot to Wholemeal Breadcrumbs including hard to find ingredients such as Locust Bean Gum, Potato Starch and Vital Wheat Gluten.

If you want some great ideas on how to use these ingredients, check out our recipe pages. Why not try making Vegan Seitan, or this delicious Vegan Forrest Fruit Cake.

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