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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers


Liquid Refreshment

We all know how vital it is to keep our bodies hydrated. Experts recommend at least eight large glasses of water everyday but we all know that sometimes we need something more than a glass of water to satisfy our thirst. (Okay, not perhaps our thirst as water will be sure to so that, but maybe our taste buds sometime cry out for more than Adams ale)

Here at Real Foods as well as striving to provide tasty, healthy foods, we also look to provide a wide range of alternatives to water that are still great for rehydration but that can also tickle out taste buds at the same time.

One really good alternative to water that is particularly good after exercise is coconut water because it has just the right electrolyte balance for our bodies. Take a look at the wide range we have on offer here.

Top up Your Daily Fruit & Veg. Intake

Fruit or vegetable juices are a great way to increase the amount for fruit and vegetables that you have in your diet. Remember though that even if you drink more than one glass it can only count as one of your five a day.

Vegetable juices contain less sugar than fruit juices and so are better if you are trying to control your calorie intake. Why not try for a really refreshing mid-afternoon drink with Beetroot Juice?

Allergic to dairy, Or Just Don't Like Milk?

Don't worry, we have a wide range of alternative dairy free milks available. You could try one of our many soya drinks such as , or if you also want to avoid soya try out one of our nut milks or oat milks.

Pancakes made with oat milk such as this classic oat drink from Oatly  are truly delicious as is making your breakfast porridge with dairy free milk and jumbo porridge oat flakes.

Hot Drinks

Treat yourself to the occasional cup of piping hot coffee using freshly ground coffee beans such as Pure Colombian or Pure Kenyan. We all know coffee shops have got nothing on these wonderful fresh beans and making your own!

No time to grind? - no problem, simply select one of our delicious ground coffees like Equal Exhange's Fairtrade Yirgacheffe or Machu Picchu from Cafe Direct if you like your coffee to be really powerful.

If it is tea that you are after then we have a lot. Choose from black tea, green tea or the delicate, refined taste of white tea such as Pai Mu Tan.

Alternatively select a fruit or herb tea and discover just how refreshing these non-caffeinated drinks can be. We recommend Wild Apple and Cinnamon from Pukka or Organic Peppermint as some of our favourites.

And Finally...

What about those occasions when it is not about  drinking for rehydration, but rather you want a drink for relaxation or celebration? Well, we have that covered too:

Celebrate in Style With Organic Drinks

Vegan vino, local craft beer, organic gin and Fairtrade rum - whatever your tipple, you can find it right here in our off-licence webshop.

Grapes are understood to be among the most heavily sprayed crops and, beyond the vine, the wine-making process usually involves the use of sulphites for preservation. Organic wine is a sound choice for anyone concerned about the use of chemicals and additives, both in terms of health and the environment. 

Our Pick of the Crop

Try our full-bodied Organic Château Coursou Bordeaux red wine, with hints of fig, oak and blackcurrant, soft and dry Organic Fasoli Gino Pinot Grigio white wine, or clean and fruity Organic Spanish Albet i Noya rosé wine – all suitable for vegans.

For a special occasion, Fleury Organic Vintage Millesime Brut Champagne is a real treat, with an aroma of hazelnut and honey. Or try vegan and organic Broughton Pastures Elderflower white wine.

Non-drinkers and drivers need not miss out on a sense of occasion with alcohol-free bubbly on offer like Thorncroft Vineyard Sparkling Elderflower and The Organic Collection Blueberry Sparkle Juice.

For Vegans

Most wines and beers are unsuitable for vegans due to a filtering process using animal-derived products like blood and bone marrow, milk protein, fish organs and gelatin. Vegan beer and wine is made using animal-friendly alternatives such as kaolin clay and silica gel.

Why not try South African vegan Shiraz rosé wine by Moonlight Organics, or vegan Vina La Fortuna Organic Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from Chile.

Or if you prefer to drink beer why not try Suma Wholefoods Organic Mytholm Mist Wheat Beer, a hazy white beer with aromas of lemon and coriander.

For Fans of Fairtrade

Try our Perlage Organic Torrentes Chardonnay Ecologica white wine from Argentina.We also have organic and fair trade rum by Papagayo, produced from organic cane sugar grown in a cooperatively-run sugar plantation in Paraguay. Mix with Ubunto Fair Trade Cola which supports cooperatives in Malawi and Zambia.

If You Like to Shop Local

For those who are keeping an eye on their drink miles as well as their food miles we have a range of UK wines to choose from, including Sedlescombe Vineyard organic and vegan Regent red wine and crisp Davenport Limney Estate organic Horsmonden white wine, the first with juicy damson, plum and black cherry flavours, the second with greengage.

We have local spirits too, like Utkins organic and vegan vodka and Juniper Green organic ginFentimans Tonic Water with lemongrass makes a refreshing mixer.

Beer and Ale Lovers

Beer drinkers will love our selection of organic and craft beers like light Black Isle Organic Blonde, botanical Hollows Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer, or velvety Stewart Brewing Organic Cauld Reekie Beer.

For something a little bit different we recommend Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Organic Stinger English Nettle Ale, with hand-harvested nettles from his Westcountry abode, or Samuel Smiths Organic Chocolate Stout. For vegans, we have Suma Wholefoods Organic Mytholm Mist Wheat Beer, a hazy white beer with aromas of lemon and coriander.

Prefer cider?

Try Dunkerton’s Organic Black Fox Cider, named after a local Herefordshire legend.

Just ask our friendly staff for more recommendations.