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Sugar Alternatives

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Pure Maple Butter
St Lawrence Gold (150g)
Now: £5.59
Was: £6.99
Corn Glucose / Dextrose Powder ORGANIC
Real Foods
Granulated Erythritol Sweetener
NKD Living (1kg)
Xylitol Sweetener
Total Sweet (1kg)
Original Sweet Drops Of Stevia Vegan
Good Good (50ml)
Xylitol 100% Sweetener
Total Sweet (225g)
Black Treacle ORGANIC
Rayner's (340g)
Fruit Syrup Gluten Free
Sweet Freedom (350g)
Natural Sweetener
Natvia (300g)
Xylitol Sweetener
Xylitol (1kg)
Stevia Powder
Guayapi (50g)
Coconut Nectar Honey Alternative Vegan, ORGAN..
Coconut Merchant (300g)
Sweetener Natural
Natvia (80g)
Sweet Stevia Tablets
Sweet Like Sugar (200tabs)
Coming soon
Natural Sweetener Xylitol
Xylitol (250g)
Strawberry Agave Nectar Vegan, ORGANIC
The Groovy Food Company (250ml)
Coming soon
Xylitol Sweetener Zylosweet
Higher Nature (300 grams)
Sorry unavailable
Raw Coconut Crystals Sweetener Gluten Free, V..
Coconut Secret (340g)
Sorry unavailable
Xylitol Sweetener Xylosweet Gluten Free
Xlear (100sachts)
Coming soon
Chocolate Liquid Stevia Drops Sweetener Vegan..
Sweetleaf (60ml)
Sorry unavailable
Maple Syrup ORGANIC
Shady Maple Farms (1.89l)
Molasses Black Strap
Rayner's (340g)

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