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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Raw Foods

Raw Foods

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Learn more about how to start eating a raw food diet.

If you follow a raw food diet or are simply looking for ways to eat more raw foods, we have everything you need - from a huge selection of fresh organic fruit and vegetables to convenient raw food alternatives to your usual snacks.

Raw food diets focus on unprocessed, plant-based living and wholefoods, never heated above 42°C. For these reasons, raw foods are ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Raw foods are greatly beneficial for health as they contain higher concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals.

Increasing the amount of raw foods in your diet will help boost your energy levels and vitality. They can help with weight loss too, with no need to go hungry.

Fresh fruit and veg is an easy place to start

Fresh, seasonal, organic fruit and veg are at the core of our business.

You may be surprised by the variety of produce that is now available, depending on the season, as organic, like clementines, pink grapefruit, Galia melon, passion fruit, fennel, globe artichokes and ginger.

Dried fruit too is an important part of the raw food diet. Try dried morello cherries, mango, melon or peach for something a bit different.

Raw snacks keep hunger at bay

We sell our own mixes of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, such as Real Raw Energy mix, or choose from a range of single nut and seed packs, like pecan, walnut and chia seed to make your own custom mixes or for using in recipes at home.

Healthy chocolate

Raw chocolate, known as cacao, is considered a superfood for its high concentration of enzymes, antioxidants and minerals, as well as mood-boosting tryptophan.

One of our best-sellers is The Raw Chocolate Company's Raw Chocolate Coated Raisins - plump, juicy organic raisins dipped in raw chocolate and dusted in cacao powder.

A fine spread

Raw nut and seed butters make a tasty and nutritious alternative to dairy spreads, as a raw dip, or as an addition to smoothies. And just add water to make raw, dairy-free nut milk. You will be hard pressed to find a spread with as many different seeds as the Veggie Award-winning Raw Health Organic Superseed Spread, with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, golden flax and hempseed.

Low GI sweeteners

We have plenty of healthier, low GI alternatives to white sugar. Tiana Organic Raw Active Cherry Blossom Honey, also Fairtrade, is pure and unprocessed. Raw honey is believed to have antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Suitable for vegans and naturally gluten free Raw Living Yacon Flour, from the Peruvian root vegetable, is one of the best low GI sweeteners around and is ideal for using in raw cake and cookie recipes. Raw agave nectar too is a good vegan option, and with Xagave Raw Agave Nectar sachets you'll never have to go without.

Raw store cupboard essentials

For interesting flavours to add to your raw diet have a look at the raw oils and vinegars available in the shop.

Raw Health Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unpasteurised and enzyme-rich. Use in salad dressings for a tangy flavour and reputed weight loss benefits. Also stock up on Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil for use in a huge variety of raw food recipes.

Nutritious seaweed

Seaweed may be something you haven't tried before, but it's an incredibly versatile and nutritious addition to your diet, with iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium in spades.

Clearspring Dulse Seaweed is the best known sea vegetable from the North Atlantic. Sustainably wild harvested, it adds a slightly spicy flavour to raw soups and salads, or as a garnish. To discover more kinds of seaweed, try Sea Tangle Mixed Sea Vegetables, combining nine types from kelp to hiziki.

Supercharge your diet with raw supplements

Superfood supplements can supercharge your diet with powerful, concentrated, superfood nutrition.   Try Molkosan Prebiotic drink, packed with friendly bacteria, antioxidant green tea and soluble fibre for healthy digestion, which can be helpful for weight loss.

Ultimate nutrition from living foods

We have everything you need to get started in sprouting and greening.

Detox Your World Nut Mylk & Sprout Bag is a nylon mesh bag with a drawstring that can be used to to make a variety of living foods including sprouts, fruit juice and nut milk.

We stock a wide range of sprouting seeds like our own Real Foods alfalfa.

With Aconbury Sprouts Wheatgrass Growing Kit you can grow your own organic wheatgrass too, a powerful antioxidant, rich in vital vitamins and minerals.

See our recipe section online for ideas of how to enjoy your raw and living foods.