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Rated excellent by our customers

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Millet Rice Cereal Flakes wheat free, ORGANIC..
Natures Path (375g)
Now: £2.84
Was: £3.79
Oats Porridge Freee Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGAN..
Doves Farm (430g)
Now: £2.62
Was: £3.50
Fibre Flakes Cereal Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (375g)
Now: £2.59
Was: £3.45
supergrain Hoops dairy free, egg free, Glute..
Doves Farm (300g)
Now: £2.66
Was: £3.55
Cereal Flakes Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (375g)
Now: £2.81
Was: £3.75
Alphabites Multigrain Cocoa Cereal
Bear (375g)
Now: £2.80
Was: £3.29
Italian Fresh Peas Vegan, ORGANIC
Suma (340g)
Now: £1.18
Was: £1.39
Italian Fresh Borlotti Beans Vegan, ORGANIC
Suma (400g)
Now: £1.18
Was: £1.39
Chocolate Rice Stars Cereal ORGANIC
Doves Farm (300g)
Now: £2.14
Was: £2.85
Italian Fresh Chickpeas Vegan, ORGANIC
Suma (400g)
Now: £1.18
Was: £1.39
Chilli Black Beans dairy free, Vegan, wheat f..
Biona (410g)
Now: £1.18
Was: £1.39
Keto Chocolate Granola Gluten Free, Vegan, O..
Raw Gorilla (250g)
Now: £4.49
Was: £5.99
Mesa Sunrise Cereal Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Natures Path (355g)
Now: £3.15
Was: £4.20
Alphabites Multigrain Cereal
Bear (375g)
Now: £2.54
Was: £2.99
Maple Sunrise Cereal Gluten Free
Natures Path (332g)
Now: £3.00
Was: £4.00
Apple & Cinnamon Gut Loving Granola
Bio & Me (360g)
Now: £3.67
Was: £4.59
Super Seedy & Nutty Gut Loving Granola Vegan
Bio & Me (360g)
Now: £3.67
Was: £4.59
Berry Granola Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGANIC
Raw Gorilla (250g)
Now: £4.99
Was: £6.66
Cacao Raw & Sprouted Crispies Cereal Gluten F..
Raw Gorilla (250g)
Now: £4.49
Was: £5.99
Pearl & Black Quinoa Express FairTrade, ORGAN..
Quinola (250g)
Now: £1.59
Was: £1.99
Pearl & Red Quinoa Express FairTrade, ORGANIC..
Quinola (250g)
Now: £1.59
Was: £1.99
Fruity Cranberry,Strawberry & Sunflower Seed ..
Amisa (325g)
Now: £2.71
Was: £3.19
Caffe Latte
The Great British Porridge (385g)
Now: £3.99
Was: £4.99