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Lavera (66)
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Alba Botanica (35)
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White Balm Regular
Tiger Balm (19g)
Cotton Buds Vegan, ORGANIC
Simply Gentle (200buds)
Naked Lip Balm ORGANIC
Dr Bronner (4g)
Facial Tissue Vegan
Cotton Soft (box)
Vitamin E Skin Cream
FSC (100g)
Rose Body Lotion Vegan, ORGANIC
Urtekram (245ml)
Shea Butter Facial Cleanser Vegan
Friendly Soap (95g)
Aloe Vera Lip Balm Aloe Dent
Optima (4g)
No Perfume Body Lotion ORGANIC
Urtekram (245ml)
Skin Food Light Cream ORGANIC
Weleda (30ml)
Lemon & Lime Lip Balm ORGANIC
Dr Bronner (4g)
Apricot Facial Scrub Vegan
Jason (113ml)
Honey & Beeswax Unperfumed Natural Lip Balm
Chain Bridge Honey Farm (12g)
Heather Honey Natural Lip Balm
Chain Bridge Honey Farm (18g)
Skin Food Moisturiser
Weleda (75ml)
Vitamin E Creme 5000 i.u. Vegan
Jason (113g)
Body Lotion Allergenics
Optima (200ml)

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