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Bulk Wholesale Grains, Organic and Whole Grain

Quality wholesale grains, whole and organic delivered to your door. Buy high quality bulk grains in wholesale sizes to get the best value. Bulk buying organic or conventional whole grains will give you great savings Try our smaller pack sizes when you want to sample something new. Then come back and buy in bulk wholesale quantities.

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  4 bulk units2 bulk units1 bulk unit6kg3kg1kg500g250g100g50g25g
£102.41(per 25kg x 2)
41p / 100g
£104.50(per 25kg)
42p / 100g
£6.1461p / 100g £3.3066p / 100g £1.8775p / 100g £0.9393p / 100g
Wheat Grain ORGANIC
£29.84(per 25kg x 2)
12p / 100g
£30.45(per 25kg)
12p / 100g
£2.2623p / 100g £1.4329p / 100g
Unroasted Buckwheat ORGANIC
£91.07(per 25kg x 2)
36p / 100g
£92.93(per 25kg)
37p / 100g
£10.6836p / 100g £4.5746p / 100g £2.5250p / 100g £1.4759p / 100g
Hulled Yellow Millet ORGANIC
£68.82(per 25kg x 2)
28p / 100g
£70.22(per 25kg)
28p / 100g
£12.2141p / 100g £5.5455p / 100g £3.0761p / 100g £1.8172p / 100g
Roasted Buckwheat Kasha ORGANIC
£106.09(per 25kg x 2)
42p / 100g
£108.25(per 25kg)
43p / 100g
£6.3463p / 100g £3.4268p / 100g £1.9277p / 100g
£53.66(per 25kg x 2)
21p / 100g
£54.75(per 25kg)
22p / 100g
£4.7147p / 100g £2.6453p / 100g £1.5662p / 100g
£38.42(per 25kg x 2)
15p / 100g
£39.20(per 25kg)
16p / 100g
£3.1832p / 100g
Pearl Barley ORGANIC
£30.97(per 20kg x 2)
15p / 100g
£31.60(per 20kg)
16p / 100g
£2.5926p / 100g £1.5431p / 100g
£35.01(per 25kg x 2)
14p / 100g
£35.72(per 25kg)
14p / 100g
£2.8028p / 100g £1.7234p / 100g £1.1646p / 100g
White Cous Cous Vegan
£42.77(per 25kg x 2)
17107p / 100g
£43.64(per 25kg)
17456p / 100g
£15.7026p / 100g £3.5335p / 100g £1.9439p / 100g
Freekeh Cracked Wheat Grain
£107.51(per 25kg x 2)
43p / 100g
£109.70(per 25kg)
44p / 100g
£4.3286p / 100g
White Cous Cous ORGANIC
£62.76(per 25kg x 2)
25p / 100g
£64.04(per 25kg)
26p / 100g
£2.5250p / 100g
£10.07(per 3kg x 2)
34p / 100g
£10.28(per 3kg)
34p / 100g
£3.3066p / 100g
Pearl Barley
£24.86(per 20kg x 2)
12p / 100g
£25.37(per 20kg)
13p / 100g
£2.2022p / 100g
Red Quinoa ORGANIC
£99.65(per 25kg x 2)
40p / 100g
£101.68(per 25kg)
41p / 100g
£5.6957p / 100g £3.0962p / 100g £1.7871p / 100g
Buckwheat Grits ORGANIC
£137.12(per 25kg x 2)
55p / 100g
£139.92(per 25kg)
56p / 100g
Wholemeal Cous Cous
£42.92(per 20kg x 2)
21p / 100g
£43.80(per 20kg)
22p / 100g
£4.1041p / 100g £2.3848p / 100g
Bulgur Medium Cracked Wheat
£39.43(per 25kg x 2)
16p / 100g
£40.23(per 25kg)
16p / 100g
£2.6527p / 100g
Bulgur Coarse Cracked Wheat ORGANIC
£54.15(per 25kg x 2)
22p / 100g
£55.25(per 25kg)
22p / 100g
£3.9439p / 100g £2.5651p / 100g
Black Quinoa ORGANIC
£147.80(per 25kg x 2)
59p / 100g
£150.82(per 25kg)
60p / 100g
£2.68107p / 100g £1.24124p / 100g
Spelt Grain ORGANIC
£65.51(per 25kg x 2)
26p / 100g
£66.85(per 25kg)
27p / 100g
£4.4545p / 100g £2.4749p / 100g
Sprouting Wheat Grain ORGANIC
£9.07(per 5kg x 2)
18p / 100g
£9.25(per 5kg)
19p / 100g
£0.8585p / 100g
Spelt Cous Cous Vegan, ORGANIC
£117.59(per 25kg x 2)
47p / 100g
£119.99(per 25kg)
48p / 100g
£4.3988p / 100g

Buy Whole Foods Online

Enjoy whole grains as part of your healthy, whole food diet. Just as you should include a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet, so you will benefit from including a wide variety of different whole grains in your diet.

We have some great recipes online to help you find interesting ways to add more grains to your diet. Why not experiment with black quinoa by cooking this very tasty, high protein, vegan dish – Wild Mushroom Quinoa. Or if you are a chilli fan, you could use kamut grain to make a vegan, Mexican Kamut Chilli

Whole grains are a good source of fibre, vitamins, iron and other minerals and have been linked to reduced risk of strokes, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

For mums who want to give their babies a great start in enjoying grains you can try using yellow hulled millet to make this appealing baby apricot cream

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