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Rated excellent by our customers

Nuts and Seeds Snackbars

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Peanut Snackbar no added sugar, Vegan, yeast ..
Meridian (40g)
Now: £1.03
Was: £1.29
Carrot Cake Snackbar Gluten Free, Vegan, whea..
Nakd (35g)
Now: £0.71
Was: £0.89
Cashew Cookie Snackbar Gluten Free, Vegan, wh..
Nakd (4x35g)
Now: £2.47
Was: £3.09
Peanut & Coconut Snackbar Gluten Free, Vegan
Meridian (40g)
Now: £1.03
Was: £1.29
Chocolate Coated Sesame Snap
Anglo-Dal (40g)
Peanut & Banana Snackbar Vegan
Meridian (40g)
Sesame Snap with Coconut
Anglo-Dal (30g)
Sesame & Honey Snackbar ORGANIC
Sunita (each)
Sesame Snap in Yoghurt
Anglo-Dal (40g)
Peanut Snackbar Gluten Free
Rude Health (35g)
Sesame Snap Snacks
Anglo-Dal (30g)
Peanut Delight Snackbar Vegan
Nakd (35g)
Peanut & Cocoa Snackbar Vegan
Meridian (40g)
Sesame Snap
Anglo-Dal (4x30g)
Salted Caramel Bars Vegan
Nakd (35g)
Chia & Berries Seed Bar
Nine (40g)

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