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Real Foods Packaging

Real Foods Bulk

Real Foods sell products in bulk. These are sold in the original packaging they came in, usually cardboard boxes or paper sacks, on occasion the suppliers will use a plastic sack. When we send these products out from our webshop, we add an extra paper sack and a cardboard box to ensure they arrive in good condition.

Bulk Packaging Recycling

Remove any tape or debris and the cardboard boxes and paper sacks can be recycled with local paper and cardboard recycling or added to compost.

Real Foods Pre-packs

Real Foods sell a wide range of bulk products in smaller sizes. These are often sold loose in the stores, you can bring your own container to reduce packaging consumption.

Bagged products up to 1kg weight are packed using Natureflex film which plant-based and home-compostable.

Our superfoods are packed using plastic tubs, this is because the Natureflex bags are porous and do not work as well with powdery products, so flour is often also sold in plastic tubs or bags.


Pre-pack packaging recycling

Our Natureflex bags can be added to your compost or thrown into general waste (they will break down into vegetable matter).

Scrunch up the Natureflex bags to create air pockets in your compost. Layering any compostable material will lead to compaction and loss of oxygen. The microscopic organisms that break down the material need warmth, food and oxygen.

Do not put these bags into your recycling.

Check your local plastic recycling for options to recycle the bags or tubs. It depends on your local area.

Real Foods Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are sold loose in our stores. There are a few products which come in their own packaging, this should be clearly displayed on the website picture. Paper bags are available for loose produce, or your own containers can be used.

Paper bags are used for smaller quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Larger quantities are bagged in degradable plastic. 


Fruit & Veg packaging recycling

Paper bags can be added to paper recycling or to compost.

Degradable plastic will break down in around 3 years.