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Grass Fed Ghee ORGANIC
Happy Butter (300g)
Now: £6.87
Was: £8.59
Ready Meal Tikka Masala Gluten Free, Vegan
Loma Linda (284g)
Now: £3.19
Was: £3.99
Garlic Pickle Vegan
Patak (300g)
Tikka Masala Curry Paste Vegan, ORGANIC
Geo Organics (180g)
Brown Lentil Curry ORGANIC
Biona (400g)
Vaal Dhal , Vegan
Hodmedod's (400g)
Rogan Josh Spices Paste
Patak (283g)
Naga Chilli Curry Base Gluten Free
Punjaban (350g)
Satay Peanut Sauce ORGANIC
Biona (350g)
Tasty Tamarind Curry Base
Punjaban (350g)
Authentic Curry Base Hot Gluten Free
Punjaban (350g)
Keema Curry Base
Punjaban (350g)
Bombay Potato Curry Base Gluten Free
Punjaban (350g)
Madras Curry Paste Gluten Free
Relish The Idea (145g)
Sorry unavailable
Rogan Josh Paste dairy free, Gluten Free
Free & Easy (198g)
Sorry unavailable
Balti Curry Paste
Patak (283g)
Sorry unavailable
Madras Curry Paste ORGANIC
Geo Organics (180g)
Coming soon
Poppadoms Plain Cook at Home Gluten Free
Patak (150g)
Coming soon

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