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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers

UK Bulk Wholesale Herbs, Fresh, Dried & Organic

High quality wholesale herbs delivered to your door. Buy high quality bulk herbs, fresh, dried and organic online in wholesale sizes to get the best value. Bulk buying organic herbs will give you great savings. Find your hard to source herbs here. Try our smaller pack sizes when you want to sample something new. Then come back and buy in bulk. Our bulk wholesale herb packs are either 1kg or 0.5kg in weight.

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  4 bulk units2 bulk units1 bulk unit6kg3kg1kg500g250g100g50g25g
£5.19(per 250g x 4)
207p / 100g
£5.21(per 250g x 2)
209p / 100g
£5.32(per 250g)
213p / 100g
£4.10410p / 100g £2.30460p / 100g £1.36544p / 100g
Mixed Herbs
£4.52(per 300g x 4)
151p / 100g
£4.55(per 300g x 2)
152p / 100g
£4.64(per 300g)
155p / 100g
£6.26250p / 100g £2.54254p / 100g £1.47294p / 100g £0.89356p / 100g
Herbes De Provence
£28.45(per 1000g x 4)
285p / 100g
£28.60(per 1000g x 2)
286p / 100g
£29.18(per 1000g)
292p / 100g
£27.37547p / 100g £14.23569p / 100g £6.14614p / 100g £3.28656p / 100g £1.86744p / 100g
Liquorice Root
£124.66(per 10kg x 4)
125p / 100g
£125.30(per 10kg x 2)
125p / 100g
£127.86(per 10kg)
128p / 100g
£52.49175p / 100g £18.17182p / 100g
Dried Lavender Flowers
£9.65(per 200g x 4)
483p / 100g
£9.70(per 200g x 2)
485p / 100g
£9.90(per 200g)
495p / 100g
£7.24724p / 100g £3.83766p / 100g
Mixed Herbs ORGANIC
£33.19(per 1kg x 4)
332p / 100g
£33.36(per 1kg x 2)
334p / 100g
£34.04(per 1kg)
340p / 100g
£1.75700p / 100g
Basil Leaves ORGANIC
£20.01(per 1kg x 4)
200p / 100g
£20.11(per 1kg x 2)
201p / 100g
£20.52(per 1kg)
205p / 100g
Bay Leaves ORGANIC
£60.94(per 1000g x 4)
609p / 100g
£61.25(per 1000g x 2)
613p / 100g
£62.50(per 1000g)
625p / 100g
£3.101240p / 100g
£25.74(per 1kg x 4)
257p / 100g
£25.87(per 1kg x 2)
259p / 100g
£26.40(per 1kg)
264p / 100g
£24.68494p / 100g £12.84514p / 100g £5.56556p / 100g £2.98596p / 100g £1.70680p / 100g
Curry Leaves
£94.45(per 4kg x 4)
236p / 100g
£94.93(per 4kg x 2)
237p / 100g
£96.87(per 4kg)
242p / 100g
£83.28278p / 100g £36.69367p / 100g £18.62372p / 100g £9.54382p / 100g £3.70370p / 100g £2.00400p / 100g £1.22488p / 100g
Rubbed Sage ORGANIC
£25.15(per 1kg x 4)
251p / 100g
£25.27(per 1kg x 2)
253p / 100g
£25.79(per 1kg)
258p / 100g
£20.02400p / 100g £10.49420p / 100g £4.60460p / 100g £2.50500p / 100g £1.43572p / 100g
£5.35(per 300g x 4)
178p / 100g
£5.38(per 300g x 2)
179p / 100g
£5.49(per 300g)
183p / 100g
£8.08323p / 100g £3.68368p / 100g £2.04408p / 100g £1.24496p / 100g
£6.00(per 500g x 4)
120p / 100g
£6.03(per 500g x 2)
121p / 100g
£6.15(per 500g)
123p / 100g
£2.51251p / 100g £1.45290p / 100g £0.94376p / 100g
Dried Parsley ORGANIC
£33.86(per 1kg x 4)
339p / 100g
£34.04(per 1kg x 2)
340p / 100g
£34.73(per 1kg)
347p / 100g
Catnip Herb Tea ORGANIC
£113.01(per 1kg x 4)
1130p / 100g
£113.59(per 1kg x 2)
1136p / 100g
£115.91(per 1kg)
1159p / 100g
£10.092018p / 100g £5.362144p / 100g
Bay Leaves
£32.39(per 5kg x 4)
65p / 100g
£32.56(per 5kg x 2)
65p / 100g
£33.22(per 5kg)
66p / 100g
£4.5090p / 100g £0.63252p / 100g
Cut Rosemary ORGANIC
£18.96(per 1kg x 4)
190p / 100g
£19.06(per 1kg x 2)
191p / 100g
£19.45(per 1kg)
194p / 100g
Whole Cloves ORGANIC
£41.31(per 1kg x 4)
413p / 100g
£41.52(per 1kg x 2)
415p / 100g
£42.37(per 1kg)
424p / 100g
£4.03806p / 100g

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Cutting down on salt is good for our long term health, but how do we stop our beautifully home cooked meals tasting bland and boring without the salt? Herbs are a fantastic way of adding interesting new dimensions to our meals.

You can use our dried mixed herbs in the recipe for protein rich Vegan Seitan or you could try making raw pickled onions using our organic cloves. If raw onions doesn’t appeal, why not use them in this Ethiopian red lentil stew?

We offer high quality, good value food ingredients in all these categories:

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