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Omega Golden Linseed Rye Bread
Biona (500g)
Now: £1.86
Was: £2.19
Rye Bread Sprouted ORGANIC
Everfresh (400g)
Now: £1.75
Was: £2.19
Chia & Flax Seed Rye Bread
Biona (500g)
Now: £2.03
Was: £2.39
Pumpkin Rye Bread
Biona (500g)
Now: £2.03
Was: £2.39
Sprouted Spelt Bread Vegan, yeast free, wheat..
Everfresh (400g)
Now: £2.52
Was: £3.15
Sprouted Banana & Walnut Cake ORGANIC
Everfresh (350g)
Now: £3.16
Was: £3.95
Caramelised Onion Flatbread Gluten Free
Nairn's Oatcakes (150g)
Now: £1.78
Was: £2.22
Linseed Rye Wholemeal Sliced Bread ORGANIC
Mestemacher (500g)
Now: £1.63
Was: £2.04
Sunflower Seed Rye Bread
Biona (500g)
Village Lavash Flatbread Vegan
Dina (2pack)
Biona (500g)
Buckwheat Crispbreads Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Le Pain des Fleurs (125g)
Medium Wholemeal Khobez Wraps
Dina (5pack)
Millet Bread Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Biona (250g)
Sprouted Wheat & Date Bread ORGANIC
Everfresh (400g)
Hemp Rye Bread ORGANIC
Biona (500g)
Extra Fibre Tortilla Wrap ORGANIC
Amaizin (240g)
Wholesome White Loaf Gluten Free
Schar (300g)
Sunflower Rice Bread ORGANIC
Biona (500g)
With Rosemary Flatbread
Mr Organic (150g)

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