Everfresh Organic Sprouted Spelt Bread Vegan, yeast free, wheat free, 400g

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Organic Sprouted Spelt Bread Vegan, yeast free, wheat free, ingredients: Sprouted Spelt (100%)

per 100g: Energy 963kJ/227kcal, Protein 9.7g, Carbohydrate 42.6g (of which sugars 9.0g), Fat 2.0g (of which saturates 0.95g, monounsaturates 0.39g, polyunsaturates 0.65g), Fibre 7.6g, Sodium 6mg.

About Organic Sprouted Spelt Bread Vegan, yeast free, wheat free,

An ancient recipe for the energy of life. Try it toasted for a just-baked taste. A wholesome bread made with organic sprouted spelt and nothing else

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I LOVE THIS ORGANIC HEALTHY BREAD SO MUCH!! It has a wonderful nutty flavor and it has a slightly sweet taste . I can taste the nutrients in this bread and feel better for it. Spelt bread makes me really happy. :)
Its lovely and soft. I toasted mine perfectly. Yes the crust it quite soft and may break off when slicing depending on how sharp your knife is. Just needs care when slicing.  But its not a bother. Not everything can be perfect and considering how much healthier this bread is as its free from yeast, fat, dairy and so on. We cant expect it all.
Thumbs up from me for this great Spelt bread.
Thanks Realfoods :)

By shems on 03/09/2015

Very Soft Uncooked texture on the inside of this bread. too soft to enjoy even after toasting.

By nodairyimvegan on 26/04/2015

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