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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers

A guide to Real Foods symbols and filtering



Plastic Free. Bulk and wholesale sizes may contain plastic.

Not available for Real Foods own brand products in the 3kg and 6kg sizes. All sizes up to and including 1kg are Plastic Free

               For more information on Real Foods packaging please click here

Zero Waste. Sustainable and eco-friendly products that help to reduce waste, improve the reuse of packaging and maximise recycling.

Palm Oil Free. This product does not contain Palm Oil.


Gluten Free. This product is Gluten Free. It contains less than 20 parts of gluten per million (<20PPM). Suitable for coeliacs.

For more information on following a gluten free diet please follow this link

Naturally Gluten Free - This product does not contain gluten naturally.

 Further information on allergen labelling is available here on our site

Organic – certified by an approved organic certification body.

Our organic page and our own brand Soil Association certification can be found here

Vegan – no animal products or their derivatives.

Information and advice on following a vegan diet can be found here    

Fairtrade - certified by a recognised Fairtrade certification body.   

For our Fairtrade page please click here

Vegetarian – contains no meat or fish or their derivatives.

For Real Foods’ vegetarian page please follow this link    

Raw – not heated above 46 degrees Celsius.

For more information on Raw diets please click here



If you use the search terms Organic, Raw, Vegan, Fairtrade or Gluten Free in the search box, an option to filter the entire shop will appear at the top of the search results automatically, simply click on your preferred filter.

Real Foods’ webshop can also be filtered by diet type (the symbols above and the additional Dairy Free, Kosher and Paleo filters), brand and sub-department to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. Search for the product you want and options to filter will appear on the left-hand side of the page. Click on the filter and only products with those attributes will appear in the results.

Do ensure you clear all filters for any future searches you wish the expanded results for. Clear filter options are below each filter on the left-hand side of the page

For further information on how to find products, create an account and other frequently asked questions, please go to our Help Centre here.

We try to keep information as up-to-date as possible, however, recipes and products do change and the manufacturers don’t always tell us. If you have any queries regarding specific products, please do contact us through the contact form that is on each product page (if you are logged in) or contact us directly through this link.