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Black Salt ingredients: Black salt.

About Black Salt

Black salt is a pinkish coloured salt infused with sulphurous herbs and spices. The distinct flavour of this salt is what makes it unique from table salt and sea salt.

Culinary Use:

    It is used as a condiment in preparing various chaats, raitha, chutneys, etc.
    It is also used as a key ingredient in preparing snacks like the mint-flavoured pani puri.
    Many Indian deep-fried snacks use black salt as a flavouring agent. It is sprinkled on top of the snacks to lend its characteristic sulphurous sour flavour.
    Various brands of chaat masala available in the market have black salt as the main ingredient along with other spices.

Health Benefits:

    Since the sodium level in black salt is less as compared to table salt, it is prescribed to patients with high blood pressure or those on low salt diets.
    It is also known for comforting intestinal gas trouble.
    Black salt is considered as a cooling spice in Ayurveda, and thus helps treat heartburn.
    It is used as a laxative and digestive aid.

Colour: Black

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Customer reviews

This is very good as an alternative form of seasoning, but I would suggest being very frugal in using it until you find out how much is palitable for any individual sharing the food with you.

By Rosie McDonald on 02/09/2015

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