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Raw Vegan Alkalising Green Soup Recipe

This is a basic raw vegan green soup that you can customise to your very own personal preference. I like to use spinach as my greens, but feel free to substitute weeds or your favourite greens if you wish. You can use more or less of tomato / cucumber / celery if you wish, add other vegetables like yellow bell pepper or courgette ; different seeds or even seed butter (nuts / nut butter for a non nut-free soup). The Spirulina is packed with nutrition : vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, beta-carotene, antioxidants and even essential fatty acids ! And because it is so rich in Chlorophyll, it is a great superfood to add to your diets if you don't consistently eat (or drink) your greens. But the soup is absolutely delicious without it too. Great for a light and refreshing lunch or snack, or as a starter. And you will be surprised, but many children actually love it !

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< 15 mins

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You will need

1 avocado More products
1 ripe tomato More products
1 small cucumber, or 1/2 medium to large cucumber

Sorry unavailable

More products
2 sticks celery More products
about 200g or 2 cups, thighly packed, organic spinach

Sorry unavailable

More products
2 Tbsp shelled hemp seeds OR

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More products
2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds OR More products
2 Tbsp sunflower seeds More products
small bunch parsley OR More products
small bunch basil OR

Sorry unavailable

More products
small bunch coriander

Sorry unavailable

More products
1 lemon, juiced OR More products
1 lime, juiced More products
2 cloves garlic More products
about 1/2 inch or 1 cm fresh ginger root, optional More products
1 tsp sweet brown rice miso, optional More products
1 tsp to 1 Tbsp spirulina powder OR More products
2 Tbsp spirulina crunchies

Sorry unavailable

More products
1 small fresh green chilli, optional OR More products
1 tsp smoked mild sweet paprika, optional OR More products
1 tsp smoked hot paprika, optional More products
freshly ground black pepper to taste More products
2 cups or 500ml filtered water, adjust for desired consistency

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  • Prepare your vegetables for the blender : halve the avocado and scoop the flesh out ; roughly chop the tomato, cucumber, celery, spinach and fresh herbs. Peel the garlic cloves, juice the lemon or lime and grate the ginger if you are not using a high powered blender. If using, deseed the fresh chilli for less heat.
  • Place all ingredients in your blender, along with 1 cup or 250 ml water. Start blending, then add the remaining water and blend until smooth, adding more water if needed to reach your desired consistency. If using spirulina crunches, leave them out and top the soup with them right before serving.
  • Serve as is or garnished with the spirulina crunchies, cubed cucumber, a few extra seeds and extra fresh herbs.

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Hass Avocado ORGANIC
Real Foods (each)
Fresh Spinach ORGANIC
Simpsons (200g)
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Tomatoes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Cucumber Mini UK ORGANIC
Real Foods (each)
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Green Celery ORGANIC
Real Foods (each)
Pumpkin Seeds ORGANIC
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Fresh Curly Parsley ORGANIC
Real Foods (35g)
Fresh Basil ORGANIC
Strawberry Fields (1bunch)
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Fresh Coriander ORGANIC
Simpsons (50g)
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Real Foods (each)
Real Foods (each)
Fresh Ginger ORGANIC
Real Foods
Real Foods (each)
Spirulina Powder ORGANIC
Real Vitality Superfoods
Chilli Pepper ORGANIC
Real Foods
Smoked Mild Sweet Paprika
El Avion (75g)
Black Peppercorns ORGANIC
Real Foods
Hulled Sunflower Seeds ORGANIC
Real Foods
Spirulina Crunchies
Aurospirul (100g)
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Shelled Hemp Seed ORGANIC
Nutiva (227g)
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Brown Rice Miso Genmai
Sanchi (345g)
Smoked Paprika
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