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All Vegan Flours, Grains, Pulses and Cereals

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Oats Porridge Freee Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGAN..
Doves Farm (430g)
Now: £2.62
Was: £3.50
Cereal Flakes Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (375g)
Now: £2.81
Was: £3.75
Banana,Peach & Apple Muesli Vegan, ORGANIC
Organix (200g)
Now: £2.97
Was: £3.50
Fibre Flakes Cereal Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (375g)
Now: £2.59
Was: £3.45
Super Seedy & Nutty Gut Loving Granola Vegan
Bio & Me (360g)
Now: £3.67
Was: £4.59
Jumbo Oat Flakes
Real Foods
Deluxe Muesli no sugar added
Real Foods
Jumbo Oat Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Wheat Free Muesli no sugar added
Real Foods
Porridge Oat Flakes
Real Foods
Real Foods
Pinhead Oatmeal ORGANIC
Real Foods
Flaxseed Brown Linseed
Real Foods
Crispy Muesli
Real Foods
Whole Oat Groats ORGANIC
Real Foods
Medium Maize Meal Polenta Vegan
Real Foods
Pinhead Oatmeal
Real Foods
Roasted Buckwheat Kasha ORGANIC
Real Foods
Stoneground Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour ORGA..
Real Foods
Brown Lentils
Real Foods
Medium Oatmeal ORGANIC
Real Foods
Dark Green Speckled Lentils
Real Foods
Real Foods
Real Foods

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