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Rated excellent by our customers

Flakes and Cereals

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Cornflakes Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (325g)
Now: £2.14
Was: £2.85
Cereal Flakes Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (375g)
Now: £2.81
Was: £3.75
Porridge Oat Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Jumbo Oat Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Jumbo Oat Flakes
Real Foods
Porridge Oat Flakes
Real Foods
Barley Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Buckwheat Flakes no added sugar, ORGANIC
Real Foods
Crispy Rye Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Rice Puffed Cereal ORGANIC
Real Foods
Crispy Wheat Flakes
Real Foods
Crispy Rye Flakes
Real Foods
Real Foods
Fincken Force Flakes
Real Foods
Pearled Barley Flakes
Real Foods
Millet Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Maize Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Puffed Millet no added salt, no added sugar, ..
Real Foods
Spelt Flakes Vegan, ORGANIC
Real Foods
Wheat Bran ORGANIC
Real Foods
Quinoa Puffed ORGANIC
Real Foods
Wheat Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Cornflakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Quinoa Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Crispy Rice Flakes ORGANIC
Real Foods
Spelt Flakes salt free, sugar free, Vegan
Rude Health (300g)
Brown Rice Puffed Cereal Gluten Free
Rude Health (225g)
Rice Flakes ORGANIC
Infinity Foods (500g)
Cornflakes Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Whole Earth (375g)
Chocolate Rice Stars Cereal ORGANIC
Doves Farm (300g)
Toasted Buckwheat Muesli Gluten Free
Eat Natural (500g)
Fibre Flakes Cereal Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (375g)
Spelt Puffed Cereal ORGANIC
Amisa (200g)
Suma (500g)
Extreme Fruit & Nut Muesli Gluten Free
Bakery on Main (340g)
Crunchy Spelt Bran Flakes
Sharpham Park (375g)
Choco Chimps Cereal ORGANIC
Natures Path (284g)
Spelt Crunchy Cereal ORGANIC
Amisa (375g)
Alphabites Multigrain Cereal
Bear (375g)
Oat Muesli Gluten Free
Nairn's Oatcakes (450g)
Fruit & Nut Muesli Gluten Free
Alara (475g)
Fruity Oat Muesli Gluten Free
Alara (500g)
Pure Porridge Oats Gluten Free
Alara (500g)
Honey Oats Puffed Cereal Gluten Free
Rude Health (240g)
Raw Carrot,Apple & Cinnamon Muesli Gluten Fre..
Primrose's Kitchen (300g)
Pure Rolled Oatmeal Gluten Free
Bob's Red Mill (400g)
Mesa Sunrise Cereal Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Natures Path (355g)
Spelt Honey Puffs ORGANIC
Amisa (200g)
Barley Flakes ORGANIC
Infinity Foods (500g)
Luxury Porridge Gluten Free
Alara (500g)
Raw Beetroot & Ginger Muesli Gluten Free, Veg..
Primrose's Kitchen (300g)
Crunchy Spelt Flakes ORGANIC
Amisa (250g)
Choco Crunch Granola ORGANIC
Biona (375g)
Spelt Puffed Honey ORGANIC
Rude Health (175g)
Porridge Oats Gluten Free
Nairn's Oatcakes (450g)
Puffed Spelt
Rude Health (125g)
Quinoa Flakes
Biofair (400g)
Cacao Instant Keto Porridge
The Brave Ape (240g)
Munch Cereal Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGANIC
Natures Path (300g)
Apple & Raisin Granola Cereal Gluten Free
Bakery on Main (340g)
Honey,Almond & Raisin Cereal
Mornflake Oats (500g)
Oat Muesli with Cranberries Gluten Free
Tilquhillie (425g)
Original Cereal Gluten Free, Vegan
Nutri-Brex (375g)
Strawberry,Raspberry & Blueberry Granola Glut..
Natures Path (312g)
Coming soon
Buckwheat Cereal Raw Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Raw Living (1kg)
Sorry unavailable
Tropical Lucuma Baobab Cereal
Organic Traditions (200g)
Peanut Instant Keto Porridge
The Brave Ape (240g)
Country Crisp Strawberry Cereal
Jordans (500g)
Coming soon
Barley Wholegrain Flakes
The Health Store (500g)
Coming soon
Oats Your Way Blueberry Gluten Free
Nairn's Oatcakes (375g)
Original Instant Keto Porridge
The Brave Ape (240g)
Coming soon
Power Porridge Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Clearspring (160g)
Toasted Spelt Flakes Muesli with Pineapple,Ha..
Dorset Cereals (690g)
Coming soon
Probiotic Sorghum Cereal Chocolate & Coconut..
Organic Traditions (200g)
Porridge Oats Gluten Free, wheat free
Your Piece Baking Company (500g)
Sorry unavailable