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Bircher Muesli Recipe

This is The Original Apple Bircher Muesli recipe, as can be found in the book 'Health-Giving dishes' by Dr Bircher-Benner, first published in 1934 ! Swiss Bircher-Benner advocated eating MUESLI (Dietetic Fruit Dishes) as an integral part of the daily diet (to be eaten for breakfast and supper). The original recipe calls for condensed milk, but you can use yoghurt instead. I like to use coconut milk or oat cream for a vegan muesli.

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< 15 mins

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You will need

2 small apples, or 1 big one

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1 Tbsp oat flakes, soaked beforehand for 12 hours in 3 Tbsp filtered water More products
1 Tbsp natural yoghurt OR Available only in our Edinburgh shops More products
1 Tbsp coconut yoghurt OR (for a vegan, dairy free muesli) Available only in our Tollcross shop More products
1 Tbsp of vegan dairy free milk or cream of your choice (for a vegan, dairy free muesli)
1 Tbsp oat cream OR (for a vegan, dairy free muesli) More products
1/2 lemon, juiced More products
1 Tbsp ground or crushed walnuts OR

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1 Tbsp ground or crushed hazelnuts OR More products
1 Tbsp ground or crushed almonds OR More products
1 Tbsp ground or crushed mixed nuts More products
2 Tbsp coconut milk OR (for a vegan, dairy free muesli) More products

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  • Rinse the apple / apples or clean them by rubbing them with a clean dry cloth. Do not remove the pip, core or pips.
  • Mix the soaked oats with the yoghurt and lemon juice. Quickly grate the apples (with peel, core and pips) into this mixture and in order to prevent the apples from browning through contact with the air, stir in immediately. If not eating immediately, prepare the oats yoghurt lemon juice mixture, and keep the apple whole, only grating it right before eating.
  • Serve the nuts separately and sprinkle over the dish at the last moment.

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