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About Organic Quince

Organic Quince from Real Foods. Quince are slightly larger than pears and shouldn't be eaten raw as their hard, bumpy skin is bitter. Quince have high levels of pectin (proven to lower blood cholesterol levels.) The strongly perfumed quince was once eaten by brides in Ancient Greece to enhance their first kiss with their new husband, and this aromatic nature makes this fruit perfect for enhancing the flavour of apple pies and jams when used in small quantities. Naturally high in pectin, quince is also excellent for making jams and jellies, or can be peeled, roasted, baked or stewed.

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I used to struggle to get my home made jams to set until a friend suggested adding half a quince to the jam - now not only do my jams set everytime but they have a great new flavour too!

By Louise Jenkins on 16/09/2015

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