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Raw Onion Cough Remedy Recipe

Just like garlic, its close relative, onion has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. Raw onion is an excellent cough medicine, thanks to it's excellent phlegm removing abilities. Using onion as a home remedy against cough is so efficient, because onion has the ability to reduce the viscosity, or thickness, of mucus, allowing it to be eliminated more easily. The lemon juice helps strengthen the immune system, as it is a great source of vitamin C. Alternatively, you could make an onion broth, and onion cough syrup with chopped onion and sugar or honey, or even simply place a chopped onion in your room.

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You will need

1 onion More products
1 lemon More products
honey, preferably enriched with royal jelly and/or bee pollen More products

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  • Finely chop one onion and extract the juice from it. This can be done using a juicer, squeezing the chopped onion through a very fine sieve or a muslin cloth into a small bowl. Add the onion juice to the honey in a 1/1 ratio and take 1 teaspoon several times a day to help cure your cough.
  • Alternatively, add the juice of a lemon to the juice of one onion and a cup of boiling water and drink to remove phlegm. Using this liquid as a gargle is also a great way of killing bacteria at the back of your mouth/top of your throat, speeding cough recovery.
  • And finally, you could make an onion broth by boiling a litre of water with a chopped onion. Or a cough syrup by placing chopped or sliced onion in a jar along with enough honey or sugar to cover, allowing it to marinate overnight at room temperature before consuming the syrup.

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