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Organic Honey With Royal Jelly ingredients: Organic honey, royal jelly

About Organic Honey With Royal Jelly

Deliciously rounded and full of flavour, CFM blend their classic organic blossom honey with the hive's super food, organic royal jelly. Each jar is packed full of goodness including essential amino acids, vitamins and health supporting enzymes.

Produced in the beehive for the nourishment of the queen bee, royal jelly is a complex substance that cannot be synthetically recreated. The introduction of royal jelly results in the queen bee's fertility, increased immunity and a lifespan over 50 times longer than any of the other bees. This rich combination is considered a very healthy dietary supplement.

Enjoy straight from the spoon or stir into your favourite tisane, tea or Smoothie. Recommended intake 2 teaspoons daily.

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