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Brown Rice Basmati ingredients:

Brown Basmati Rice.

About Brown Rice Basmati

Literally translated as "queen of fragrance," Basmati has been grown in the Himalayan Foothills of India and Pakistan for thousands of years. Brown Basmati Rice is a thin, long grain that is light beige in colour. Brown Basmati retains the outside bran layer that gives it a higher fibre content and more predominant aroma than White Basmati. Brown Basmati has a rich, nutty flavour and cooks up easily into separate, fluffy grains that have a firm texture. You can substitute Brown Basmati wherever a recipe calls for Brown Rice. Brown Basmati is an excellent choice when a fluffier, drier texture is desired and provides protein and carbohydrates as well as Vitamin B, which aids in digestion.

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Colour: Brown

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Customer reviews

This is a wonderful rice and is much nicer in meals than white rice is. Our whole family would far rather be served this brown rice than any of the white rice alternatives.

By Barry Harris on 15/04/2015

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