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Organic Bramley Apples ingredients: Organic Bramley Apple

About Organic Bramley Apples

Bramley Apples are the most popular cooking apple in Britain. It's a large apple with a thick, green skin and sour flesh that dissolves into fluff when cooked. Bramley's contain a high level of pectin, so set easily and make excellent jellies, fruit cheeses, chutneys and mincemeat. Use when cooking with fruit that's lower in pectin such as in rowanberries or rosehips to help them set. Bramley's thick skins also mean they bake well. Core and stuff with dried fruit, spiced cinnamon butter or a frangipane mixture.

For information on the nutrition of apples, have a look at our Real Foods All About Apples guide.

Consumption of apples has been linked to reducing your chances of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. They are high in fibre and vitamin C, as well as providing a good amount of antioxidants. Eating organic ones means you will not be risking pesticide residues and can get the most from all the nutrients apples pack into their peel and fruit.

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For apple pie like your granny made it, nothing beats these Bramley Apples! I must admit to a certain weakness for the Oaty Apple crumble recipe on this site though - even if it is not something granny ever made!

By Leigh Sinclair on 04/11/2015

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