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Fenugreek Whole ingredients:

Fenugreek Whole.

About Fenugreek Whole

Fenugreek has a flavour similar to maple and roasted sugar. It is primarily used in curry powders but can also be used for pickling and in breads, casseroles, chutneys, and soups. The raw seeds are bitter, so it is recommended to toast them before use.

Like fennel, Fenugreek has been cultivated for centuries primarily because it was thought to have many healing virtues. It was even an ingredient in the "holy smoke" which was a part of the Egyptian embalming ritual. An old-fashioned Arabic greeting was, "May you tread in peace the soil where fenugreek grows." Indians often roast the seed before grinding, giving it a somewhat sweeter flavour.

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Toasted these make a very very tasty addition to a wholemeal bread  recipe. I love to use it for a change now and again.

By Barry Harris on 24/06/2015

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Summary: Misr Wat or Mesir Wat is a vegan Ethiopian stew made from red split lentils and the famous Ethiopian Berbere spice mix. Some Ethiopians, for religious reasons, eat an exclusively vegan diet, and many eat vegan dishes on special 'fast' days. This explains the abundance of vegetarian and vegan specialties. Ethiopian cuisine is one of the most flavoursome cuisines in Africa, and this red lentil stew is no exception. You can of course use a ready-made, shop-bought Berbere since mix, but I promise you that if you make your own, you will be rewarded by a rich and complex tantalising flavour that is well worth the small effort of assembling the all very common ingredients (except perhaps the fenugreek, just leave it out if you have trouble sourcing it) needed to make your own Berbere spice mix. Misr Wat is traditionally served with Injera, a soft sourdough flat bread, but you can also enjoy it with a crispy green salad.

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