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Raw Vegan Gluten Free Raspberry and Coconut Sprouted Buckwheat Porridge Recipe

If you have never tried raw buckwheat porridge, then you are in for a treat ! Buckwheat is actually not related to wheat, it is not a grain at all, it is known as a pseudo-grain seed, along with quinoa, amaranth and millet, which are all very high in protein. And it has no gluten, so it is safe to eat for people avoiding wheat, gluten and grains all together. The variations for raw buckwheat porridge are endless, but the basic idea is to soak then sprout the buckwheat, then blend it with water or a vegan milk, fruits and / or sweetener of our choice. And there you have it : creamy, high fibre, high protein, yet fresh and light, breakfast goodness, perfect for a summer morning. In this recipe, I use coconut milk for that exotic flavour, raspberries for tart sweetness and berry nutrition, and finally bananas for extra goodness and sweetness.

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You will need

1 cup or about 150g raw, unroasted buckwheat More products
1/2 litre or 500ml ready-made coconut milk OR More products
1/2 litre or 500ml homemade coconut milk, made from 1/2 filtered water and
4 Tbsp coconut butter or coconut bliss OR More products
1/2 cup or about 40g desiccated coconut More products
1 punnet raspberries

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More products
2 bananas More products

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  • The night before, either soak the buckwheat in warm water overnight, or soak in warm water for just 20 minutes, rinse and place in a sieve. Cover with a clean tea towel. Both methods will effectively start sprouting the buckwheat ; the soak method will produce more slime, the soak and drain method will give you more advanced sprouts in the morning, just choose whichever you prefer.
  • In the morning, set a few raspberries aside for decoration either whole or mashed with a fork to make a raspberry swirl or other pattern.
  • Thoroughly rinse the buckwheat sprouted by either of the 2 methods, until the water runs clean and not slimy. Drain.
  • Put the drained buckwheat sprouts (set a few aside for garnish), coconut milk, raspberries and bananas in your blender and blend until your desired consistency : from still chunky for a nice bite, all the way to perfectly smooth.
  • Serve topped with the reserved whole raspberries or a raspberry swirl, and maybe a few sprouted buckwheat groats, some cacao nibs and a little desiccated coconut.

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