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French Madeleines Recipe

Madeleines are little French sponge-like cakes that have a distinctive shell-like shape that comes from being baked in a special Madeleines baking tray that has shell-like hollows. These ones are flavoured with lemon zest and juice, but you could do orange zest and juice instead. Madeleines are so quick and easy to make : they can be ready in less than 30 minutes, and their shape and size just makes them perfect for little hands.

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15 - 30 mins

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You will need

2 eggs

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100g caster sugar More products
1 lemon, zest and 2 tsp juice More products
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150g white flour More products
1 tsp baking powder More products
125g butter, gently melted Available only in our Edinburgh shops More products

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  • Pre-heat your oven at 180C/350F or 150C/300F if you have a fan oven.
  • Place the butter in a small bowl over a bain-marie or just simmering water to gently melt the butter.
  • Meanwhile, whisk the eggs, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and salt for about 10 minutes, until the mixture becomes fluffy.
  • Sieve the flour and baking powder in, mix quickly, then fold the melted butter in.
  • Lightly butter your madeleines baking tin and put just 1 tablespoon of batter in each cell, to allow for plenty of rising. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, until lightly golden brown.
  • Gently ease the madeleines out of the tin, allow to cool for only about 5 minutes, as madeleines are best enjoyed still warm, fresh from the oven.
  • The madeleines will keep for a couple of days in an air-tight container, but if you have to make them ahead of time and still enjoy them at their best, bake them for just 12 minutes and freeze them still hot, popping them in a pre-heated over for a minute before serving.

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