Real Foods Moong Beans Special Sprout

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Moong Beans Special Sprout ingredients:

Moong Beans Special Sprout.

About Moong Beans Special Sprout

Sprouts are rather amazing things - they are a living food that increases in nutritional power even after they're picked and refrigerated, and they are bursting with vitamins, minerals and important enzymes that help with digestion. Mung bean sprouts are crisp, sweet and refreshing - incredibly popular among the sprout-eating population! You can sprinkle them into salads or use them as a garnish, or you can chuck them into stir-fries. You can even add them to the mix when making veggie burgers, stews or bread!

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Customer reviews

We are never without these at home. They are great and you get a really good percentage sprouting each time.

By Anna McLeod on 22/04/2015

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