Real Foods Black Beans Turtle

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Black Beans Turtle ingredients:

Black Turtle Beans.

About Black Beans Turtle

Great for soups and stews.

Serving Suggestion: Soak overnight, rinse and bring to the boil, simmer until soft - between 45-60 minutes.

For more information on cooking and soaking times please have a look at this Guide to Pulses from Real Foods. Giving you the nutritional information and some nifty recipe ideas.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

For more information on Real Foods packaging materials click here.

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Customer reviews

Remembering to soak these is a bit of a pain sometimes, but when I do these Black Turtle Beans taste really good

By Alice Farmer on 02/01/2013

It is good to see a company helping me to minimise packaging by letting me buy these Black Turtle Beans and other pulses in bigger packs. Makes it cheaper too!

By Oliver Saunders on 05/12/2012