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Borlotti Beans ingredients:

Borlotti Beans.

About Borlotti Beans

A beautiful variety similar to the kidney bean. It is pinkish with brown streaks and is a hot favourite in Italian cooking. It has a slightly sweetish, nutty flavour with a smooth creamy texture. This bean is as happy in simple salads as it is in Minestrone Soup. Cook them up, drizzle with olive oil, tear up some basil, and enjoy the taste of Italy.

Serving Suggestion: Ideal for soups, casseroles, salads and pates. Try cooking them with onions, garlic, tomato and chilli for a spicy and unusual vegetable dish. An easy way to add colour and protein to any meal. Use in chilli instead of red kidney beans.

For ideas to incorporate more beans or pulses into your meal, why not try our guide to using pulses. Giving you the cooking times (and soaking if necessary for all of our dried beans.

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I just love the number of suggestions and recipes that I can find on Real Foods website. As someone who is not particularly familiar with cooking different beans and other healthy foods I have found lots of really practical help here. These borlotti beans have become a staple part of my diet now.

By Claire Browne on 24/09/2014

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Summer baked borlotti beans

Summary: For a shortcut you can use canned beans instead of soaking and cooking dried beans. If using canned beans though, be sure to rinse them well and drain them thoroughly before using.

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