Billington's Raw Cane Demerara Sugar 500g

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Raw Cane Demerara Sugar ingredients: Natural Cane Sugar.

About Raw Cane Demerara Sugar

Raw Cane Demerara Sugar from Billington's is a golden brown sugar with a sticky texture. Its large champagne-coloured crystals make it a crunchy topping on cookies, cakes, muffins, and gourmet desserts. It is also amazing with melons, grilled fruit, or warm oatmeal.

This Demerara sugar is unlike any other. The secret to it's remarkable flavour is in the molasses: Demerara is made simply with the aim of locking in, not refining out, the sugar cane's natural molasses.

Produced naturally on the 27 mile island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, this sugar has centuries of tradition and wisdom poured into each sparking crystal. Mauritius has the perfect combination of climate, soil conditions and tropical sun that is exactly suited to growing sugar cane unmatched in quality. Within just 24 hours of harvesting, the cane is crushed and the sweet juices are collected, clarified to remove impurities, evaporated and crystallised. It's really that simple.

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