Real Foods Cherries Dried Tart Morello

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Cherries Dried Tart Morello ingredients:

Cherries, sugar, vegetable oil.

Nutritional values per 100g : Energy 335 kcal. / 1429 kJ, Protein 4.5g, Carbohydrate 82.0g, Fat 1.1g.

About Cherries Dried Tart Morello

Morello Cherries otherwise known as sour cherries are tangy rather than sour. They are good for baking, adding as a garnish to salads, adding to breakfast cereals, yoghurt or just as a great snack

Tart cherries, enjoyed as either dried, frozen cherries or cherry juice, have among the highest levels of disease-fighting antioxidants, when compared to other fruits. They also contain other important nutrients such as beta carotene (19 times more than blueberries or strawberries) vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fibre and folate.

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I can recommend  the fruity bead fingers recipe - I eat them as a snack and sometimes as a real treat fro breakfast

By Scott Murray on 30/04/2014

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