Sun & Seed Organic Black Sesame Tahini 250g

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Organic Black Sesame Tahini ingredients: Black sesame seeds

About Organic Black Sesame Tahini

This healthy paste is made without heating the sesame seeds to preserve the full flavour and nutritional value of this traditional crop.

Sesame seeds are rich in essential minerals, phytonutrients, oleic acid, niacin and powerful flavonoid phenolic antioxidants.

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Customer reviews

This  is THE BEST black tahin EVERRRR :)
Everyone has to try this miracle sesame paste its just amazing
I have tried other brand but for me this has to be the best
Unfortunetly its been out of stuck for a while but im hoping realfood gets them back in stuck soon :)
Try it with organic date syrup and you will love it :)

By on 05/11/2014