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Organic Coconut ingredients: Organic Coconut

About Organic Coconut

Coconut meat is rich in iron and a good source of potassium. It is high in saturated fat, but natural coconut oil enhances your immune system, can improve digestion and help the body absorb minerals. It also often improves your overall cholesterol ratio. The thin brown skin is edible and high in fibre. Coconut juice is just about the best source of electrolytes around as the balance is identical to what's in our bloodstream.

Fresh coconut gives haunting, rich depth to Southeast Asian, Indian, and Jamaican curries and stews and adds texture and nutty sweetness to fruit salads, cakes, and cookies. Try toasting peeled strips of coconut in a dry cast iron pan over a low heat until browned and fragrant, (about 10 minutes). Sprinkle coconut strips over oatmeal or granola, or toss them with nuts and dried fruit for an easy-to-eat and satisfying hiking or travel snack.

Sprinkle finely grated coconut--fresh or toasted (learn how to toast coconut)--over a tropical fruit salad of fresh mango, papaya, orange, and banana. Mix chilled coconut juice with a few splashes of ginger beer and a squeeze of lime for a tasty tropical drink.

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Lovely to have coconut water straight from the coconut instead of straight from the bottle. Then you have all the lovely flesh to eat as well. I like to add some shavings to my breakfast each day.

By Isobel Kirk on 23/07/2014

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