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Ginger Root Whole ingredients:

Ginger Root Whole.

About Ginger Root Whole

Ginger Root comes in whole and powdered form. It is very healthy and useful for baking, marinades and sauces. Once you find Ginger creeping into your cooking, you will be surprised at the subtle way it has of incorporating itself into more and more of your culinary repertoire.

Ginger is yet another spice whose existence has made itself known since man's earliest recorded history. Ginger was often sought for its healing values and is mentioned in the Ayurveda, the Hindu manual of the science of medicine, written in the fifth century BC. The Koran also mentions ginger in 76:15-17: "Round amongst them [the righteous in Paradise] are passed vessels of silver and goblets of glass ... a cup, the admixture of which is ginger." In Chinese cooking, ginger commands an almost mystical reverence, based foremost on its strong past in medicinal healing, but also on the spiritual part Ginger once played in communication with the gods during early religious ceremonies. In Chinese cuisine, which of course varies with the large expanse of land China covers, it is interesting that ginger plays a major part in the balance of food in almost all parts of the country, serving as a yang (hot) ingredient. If you are familiar with fresh ginger, you know that this is not merely a philosophical description. The Chinese use the balance of harmony, the yin and yang, in all aspects of their life, including cooking. Many yin (cooling) dishes are balanced with the yang of Ginger, most often resulting in both a spiritually and nutritionally balanced meal.

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I prefer to use this ginger root rather than powder becasue I think it keeps it's flavour better.

By Tilly White on 29/07/2015

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