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Rated excellent by our customers

Vegan Raw Seaweeds and Sea Vegetables

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Green Nori Sprinkle
Clearspring (20g)
Now: £1.69
Was: £1.99
Sushi Nori Seaweed Sheets Vegan, ORGANIC
Ocean's Halo (28g)
Now: £3.19
Was: £3.99
Nori Sushi Toasted
Clearspring (17g)
Kelp Noodles Raw Gluten Free
Sea Tangle (340g)
Nori Seaweed
Clearspring (25g)
Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Vegan, ORGANIC
Clearspring (25g)
Kombu Seaweed
Clearspring (40g)
Mixed Seaweed Flakes Vegan, ORGANIC
The Cornish Seaweed Company (60g)
Arame Seaweed dairy free, Vegan
Clearspring (30g)
Ground & Dried Seaweed FairTrade, ORGANIC
Atlantic Kelp Company (100g)
Sea Spaghetti Algae ORGANIC
Algamar (100g)
Atlantic Wakame Seaweed Vegan, ORGANIC
Clearspring (25g)
Japanese Hijiki Dried Sea Vegetables
Clearspring (30g)
Dulse Seaweed ORGANIC
Algamar (100g)
Atlantic Sea Seaweed sugar free, ORGANIC
Clearspring (25g)
Seaweed Bacon ORGANIC
Seamore (30g)
Nori Strips
Clearspring (13.5g)
Konaberry Kelp Noodles
Sea Tangle (340g)
Sorry unavailable
Wakame & Mushroom Mix Gluten Free, Vegan, ORG..
Algamar (100g)
Sorry unavailable
Dulse Seaweed ORGANIC
Algamar (50g)
Sorry unavailable

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