Algamar Organic Dulse Seaweed 100g

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Organic Dulse Seaweed ingredients: Dulse.

This product may contain small traces of shellfish, due to the way it is grown and harvested.

About Organic Dulse Seaweed

Real Foods consider seaweed to be one of the most important basic elements of a healthy diet. Cooked or raw, it doesn't matter, seaweeds are the business! Try wrapping sticky rice for homemade sushi or sprinkled on top of salads and sandwiches.

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Very tasty and healthy seaweed. It makes a perfect snack because it does not need to be rehydrated a lot you can just put it in your mouth. It is like a very thin and tender jerky thing. This brand is really good. It is a bit more expensive than others, but at least it is washed and does not have sea bugs in it... I have bought other brands and ended up finding myself munching on dead sea bugs...

By Cernunnas on 16/02/2013

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