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Green Split Peas
Real Foods
Yellow Split Peas
Real Foods
Green Peas ORGANIC
Real Foods
Yellow Split Peas ORGANIC
Real Foods
Garden Peas With Carrots ORGANIC
Biona (350g)
Roasted Peas Sea Salted Light
Hodmedod's (300g)
Garden Peas Demeter Bio Kitchen ORGANIC
Clearspring (350g)
Frozen Peas ORGANIC
BioInside (300g)
Available only in our Edinburgh shops
Garden Peas ORGANIC
Biona (350g)
Garden Peas ORGANIC
Bionova (340g)
BBQ Roasted Split Peas Vegan
Nudie Snacks (30g)
Green Peas Rice ORGANIC
Mr Organic (250g)
Garden Peas ORGANIC
Biona (340g)
Split Pea Soup Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Amy's Kitchen (400g)
Green Pea Penne Pasta Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Doves Farm (250g)
Now: £2.39
Was: £2.99
Snow Peas Shoots UK ORGANIC
Aconbury Sprouts (1punnet)
Green Pea & Mint Soup ORGANIC
Free & Easy (400g)
Green Pea Penne Pasta Vegan, ORGANIC
Profusion (250g)
Pea Protein Isolate Vegan
Pulsin (250g)
Pea Soup Gluten Free, Vegan, ORGANIC
Essential (680g)
Quick Cook Millet Peas & Lentils ORGANIC
Clearspring (250g)
Puree Pumpkin & Peas Vegan, ORGANIC
Babease (100g)