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Homemade Natural Probiotic Deodorant Spray Recipe

Traditional (chemical) deodorants and anti-perspirants work by killing off the bacteria in your armpit, using Aluminium to block sweat glands, and adding perfume. But as the bacteria is indiscriminately killed, the underarm microbiome is disturbed and opportunistic bacteria can take hold, or even worse, the populations of the very worst offenders for creating body odour can sky-rocket (because there is less competition), making the problem even worse. What if there was a way to naturally control, rather than indiscriminately kill the bacteria? It turns out there is : by applying highly resistant beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria to the skin, they crowd out the other, unpleasant smell-creating bacteria, limiting their proliferation, and leaving you smelling fresh. This recipe for a homemade probiotic spray deodorant makes enough to fill a 100ml bottle. Use a multi-strain probiotic that is stable at room temperature. Avoid plastic and reuse a spray glass bottle. Weleda spray deodorants come in the perfect glass spray bottles for this purpose. Buy one and reuse for ever. Also, one might fear the sugar might make the deodorant sticky, absolutely not, 100ml of water is enough dilution, plus, the probiotics actually do eat the sugar, so ultimately there is actually hardly any sugar left.

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Beauty and Remedies

You will need

2 multi-strain, shelf-stable probiotic capsules More products
up to 20 drops essential oils of your choice, including :
Tea Tree More products
Rosemary More products
Lavender More products
Ylang Ylang More products
Patchouli More products
1 Tbsp dark Muscovado sugar or other sugar More products

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  • Put the contents of the probiotic capsules and the sugar in a small (at least 100ml) measuring cup. Add a little water and mix to dissolve the sugar and the probiotic powder. Top with water to 100ml.
  • Transfer to your spray bottle, using a small funnel if you have one.
  • Add the essential oils if using, screw the spay cap on, and give a good shake.
  • Keep at room temperature and use as you would normal spray deodorant.

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Customer comments

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fayehofmann@gmail.comWould not the essential oils such as tee tree now work counter productively and kill the probiotic bacteria? Rismary, Tee Tree and Lavender have anti bacterial properties. Real Foods response: We used essential oils to scent the deodorant, but you are right, to be on the safe side and get all the probiotic benefits, it would indeed be preferable to leave out the essential oils, or to use essential oils that have no antibacterial properties. Thank you for pointing that out.

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