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Vegan Grapefruit, Orange, Almond and Amaranth Parfait Recipe

This delicious vegan dessert is perfect for summer and takes no time to make. Makes two generous portions. Enjoy! As always with fruit, choose your grapefruit and oranges ripe and juicy. They will be so sweet that you will not need to add any sweetener, or if you do, you will only need a little. You can make your own popped cereal from amaranth, quinoa or even canihua (also known as kaniwa or baby quinoa). It will take a little longer, but you could make a batch of popped cereal for breakfast too.

Posted by: Ann Smyth




< 15 mins

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You will need

40g almond flakes More products
1 grapefruit More products
2 small oranges OR More products
one large orange

Sorry unavailable

More products
400g vegan yoghurt - soya OR Available only in our Edinburgh shops More products
400g vegan yoghurt - coconut Available only in our Broughton Street shop More products
25g popped amaranth OR

Sorry unavailable

More products
25g popped quinoa More products
Alternatively, you can make your own popped cereal from :
2 Tbsp or 25g amaranth seeds OR More products
2 Tbsp or 25g red quinoa seeds OR More products
2 Tbsp or 25g canihua seeds

Sorry unavailable

More products
a little agave syrup or nectar, optional OR More products
a little maple syrup, optional More products

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  • To make your own popped amaranth / quinoa / canihua : Heat a deep saucepan over medium to hight heat. Test the heat by dropping a few drops of water in : the water should sizzle and dance around immediately when the pan is hot enough. Then put your seeds in the pan, never more than 1 or Tbsp at a time ; you want a single layer of seeds. And cover. The seeds will start popping with a few seconds. Shake the pan around to avoid it overheating while the seeds are popping. Once the popping slows down (within just 10 to 15 seconds), take the pan off the heat and continue to shake with the lid still on; there will be a few last pops. Transfer to a bowl and repeat until you get the desired amount of popped cereal.
  • Heat oven to about 150 degrees C and pop in the almond flakes. Watch them like a hawk. Should take about 2-3 minutes to get the almonds toasted to a gold brown colour. Set aside.
  • Now peel the oranges and grapefruit. With a sharp knife cut out the fillets. Do this over a plate or bowl to catch any juices.
  • The only thing left to do is assemble.
  • In a pretty glass, jar or cup, dollop 4 tbsp of vegan yoghurt, a few slices of grapefruit and orange, 1 Tbsp each of almond flakes and amaranth or quinoa pops. If using sugar, add about 1/2 tsp of the agave or maple syrup, or to taste. But ideally, you fruits should be sweet enough that you don't need to add the sugar.
  • Repeat until happy with the portion size.
  • Top with the left over slices of fruit, almonds and citrus juices.

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Pink Grapefruit ORGANIC
Real Foods (each)
Real Foods (each)
Orange Extra Large ORGANIC
Real Foods (each)
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Amaranth Seeds ORGANIC
Real Foods
Red Quinoa ORGANIC
Real Foods
Agave Syrup ORGANIC
Suma (250ml)
Maple Syrup ORGANIC
Meridian (330g)
Flaked Almonds ORGANIC
Real Foods