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Raw Vegan Strawberry Jam Recipe

Now, let me introduce to you the healthiest jam in the history of jams ! The strawberries are uncooked, leaving their nutritional goodness and particularly enzymes, intact. The sole gelling agent used is Omega-3 and protein super hero chia seeds. And finally, if you use organic strawberries ripen to perfection, they will be sweet enough to leave out sugar and sweeteners of all forms. If your strawberries are not quite sweet enough, and you must, then add little xylitol : it is just as sweet as sucrose, but has 40% fewer calories, a much lower, very little effect on blood sugar levels (and therefore insulin production), and has no negative effect on teeth. Xylitol has actually been proven to protect from tooth decay, which is why it is a common ingredient in oral hygiene products like toothpaste and sugar-free chewing gum.

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You will need

about 250g ripe organic strawberries OR

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about 250g organic frozen strawberries or mixed frozen berries Available only in our Edinburgh shops More products
2 1/2 Tbsp or 25g white chia seeds OR More products
2 1/2 Tbsp or 25g black chia seeds More products
1 tsp xylitol or to taste - optional More products

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  • Blend the strawberries. You can leave them chunky if you like your jam with bits.
  • Pour the blended strawberries in a bowl. Add the chia seeds and mix in by hand. Taste test and add the xylitol now, if needed.
  • Allow to thicken overnight in your refrigerator before enjoying on toast or crackers.

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White Chia Seeds ORGANIC
Raw Health (450g)
Chia Seeds ORGANIC
Real Foods
Xylitol 100% Sweetener
Total Sweet (225g)
Strawberries ORGANIC
Macleod (500g)
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