Clipper Organic Assam T-Bags FairTrade, 50bags

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Organic Assam T-Bags FairTrade, ingredients: Organically grown Fairtrade tea

About Organic Assam T-Bags FairTrade,

From the first and one of the best tea estates in Assam, situated in the lush, fertile Brahmaputra Valley in North East India. Clipper Organic Assam Tea is grown using only natural methods of cultivation. Highly regarded for its full bodied, fresh though subtle, malty flavour and bright colour, this distinctive tea is delicious, refreshing and of the highest quality. Brahmaputra Valley is an environmentally integrated tea estate ,actively involved with conservation in the area. Clipper has been working with this tea company for many years. Organic growing methods ensure the protection of the land, the animals and the people that live on it, creating a balanced, fertile, sustainable environment and a tea completely free from any artificial chemicals. In keeping with Clipper's buying philosophy, all children receive good, full time education, there are extensive crèche, health, social and medical facilities and all workers receive employment contracts and good wages.

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