Alara Organic Rich Muesli 500g

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Organic Rich Muesli ingredients:

Oats Porridge (30%), Crispy Wheat Flakes (22.5%), Sultanas (22.5%), Oat Flakes (7.5%), Sunflower Seeds (4.2%), Dates Chopped (3.9%), Raisins (3.7%), Apricots Chopped (3%), Almonds (1%), Hazelnuts Roasted (1%), Pumpkin Seeds (1%).

Per 100g this muesil provides 1523KJ or 364KCal of energy, 8.8g of protein, 8.4g of dietary fibre, 6.4g of fat, 68.2g of carboyhdrate and 20.4g of sugars.

About Organic Rich Muesli

Over 40% Fruits, Nuts and Seeds. When the body has a big demand for immediate energy, these vine fruits provide the answer. They are the best source of the special types of fructose that cross without digestion directly into the blood stream, helping to be wide awake and raring to go.

All ingredients have been chosen to provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for well being. These include boron, omega 3 and omega 6, zinc, calcium, vitamin A, iron and many others.

The complex carbohydrates in oats are digested slowly during the day, releasing energy to keep you going for many hours


Best of all, it tastes great!

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