Fiorentini Organic Puffed 99% Buckwheat Cakes 100g

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Organic Puffed 99% Buckwheat Cakes ingredients: Buckwheat* 99%, Sea Salt 1%. *From organic farming.

About Organic Puffed 99% Buckwheat Cakes

Organic 99% buckwheat puffed cakes, ideal with spreads or simply on its own as a snack.

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Customer reviews

Crunchy and satisfying. Less sweet than rice cakes. Perfect for my very restricted diet. Now the rest of the family have cottoned on to the lovely 'crunch' and are eating them too.

By Naomi Kamara on 06/03/2017

Love em! Why can't we buy these everywhere?

By Agnes Davis on 28/07/2015

Delicious and crunchy! Much better than rice cakes.

By heikemaus on 24/01/2014

Superb! Super crunchy and tasty. Makes a great change from rice cakes, plus they are higher in protein and fibre.

By Leah Houghton on 17/09/2012

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