Real Foods Lavender Dried Flowers

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Lavender Dried Flowers ingredients:

Lavender Dried Flowers.

About Lavender Dried Flowers

Floral lavender is a lovely ingredient to use in baking. You may choose to use these lavender flower buds in cooking or in a potpourri craft project.

The scent of lavender is said to be soothing to the human spirit and reportedly will make even tigers mild-mannered! Lavender is cultivated mainly in France and the UK. It's frequently used in perfume and soaps, and is a major ingredient in many scents and potpourris. You may find it called for in various food recipes; for example, it is the ingredient which makes the blend Herbes de Provence unique. Lavender may be called for in sauces, wines, teas and to flavour cookies, pound cakes, custards, mousses and even ice cream. Use it sparingly. A little lavender goes a long way.

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Use VERY sparingly if you are going to put in your baking - it can make your cake very bitter if your hand slips at the cruitial moment! Lovely in a sachet under your pillow to aid peaceful sleep.

By Jonathan Walton on 02/09/2015

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