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Rated excellent by our customers
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Flaxseed Golden Linseed ORGANIC
Real Foods
Flaxseed Brown Linseed
Real Foods
Flaxseed Brown Linseed ORGANIC
Real Foods
Flaxseed Broken ORGANIC
Real Foods
Milled Flaxseed Gluten Free, ORGANIC
Linwoods (425g)
Now: £4.63
Was: £5.15
Ground Flaxseed ORGANIC
P.H. Foods (175g)
Milled Flaxseed Almonds,Brazil Nut,Walnut & C..
Linwoods (360g)
Now: £5.83
Was: £6.48
Flaxseed Cold Milled ORGANIC
Virginia Harvest (175g)
Flaxseed Oil ORGANIC
Biona (250ml)
Milled Flaxseed With Sunflower,Pumpkin,Sesame..
Linwoods (425g)
Now: £5.67
Was: £6.30
Flaxseed With Probiotic & Vitamin D
Linwoods (360g)
Now: £5.83
Was: £6.48
Sprouted Milled Flaxseed ORGANIC
Linwoods (360g)
Virgin Flaxseed Oil ORGANIC
Emile Noel (250ml)
Flaxseed Oil
Natures Aid (90capsules)
Golden Flaxseed Oil ORGANIC
Viridian (200ml)
Flaxseed & Nuts
Linwoods (200g)
Flaxseed Oil ORGANIC
Clearspring (250ml)
Now: £4.24
Was: £4.99
Flaxseed Oil ORGANIC
Granovita (260ml)
Flaxseed Oil ORGANIC
Higher Nature (350ml)
Sorry unavailable
Flaxseed & Cranberries
Linwoods (200g)
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