Jamie's Smoothie

Forget 5 a day, try five in a minute. This is the framework for all kinds of great smoothies.

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You will need

Must Include:
2 bananas More products
3 portions of fruit of your choice.
250ml milk OR This item is only available in our high street shops. More products
250 ml soya milk OR This item is only available in our high street shops. More products
250 ml rice milk More products
1-1/2 teaspoon of  a Natural Essence of your choice ( good ones are, almond, vanilla, lemon, orange, peppermint, chocolate)
3-6 tablespoons of yogurt (plain or fruity) This item is only available in our high street shops. More products
a couple of shakes of cinnamon powder OR More products
a couple of shakes of cocoa powder More products
1-2 tablespoons of lecithin granules More products
1tsp - 2 tbsp strawberry jam (or preferred flavour) More products
Extra extras:
ice cream or ice
ground almonds (or other ground nuts such as hazelnuts and coconut) More products
honey / maple syrup to personal taste (not much needed as the fruit sugars will be thoroughly released) More products
fresh mint leaves This item is only available in our high street shops. More products

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  • Blend the fruit in a blender first, this helps to get it really purified.
  • Take as long as the fruit needs to purify; soft fruit will not take longer than 60 seconds.
  • If you add the milk first the fruit will not be as smooth.
  • (If you only have a blender stick then this will work well in a deep sided bowl, but you may have to chop the fruit up more and add some milk before blending.)
  • The bananas give a great smoothie texture, to which most other fruits will blend well with.
  • The best Smoothie fruits should be soft like pears, berries, grapes, strawberries etc apples also work well.
  • Citrus Fruits don’t go well with the milk.
  • Add the Milk and blend some more.... That’s it!
  • The "Extra" Smoothie
  • Just add these extras and blend till they are thoroughly mixed in.
  • Natural essences give great flavour to the smoothie. Almond or vanilla are my favourites. Lemon and orange, despite not working well as fruits in the smoothie, work well with most fruits. Peppermint can work really well with some fruits like kiwi, get experimenting.
  • Yogurt helps to thicken the smoothie and make it creamy.
  • Cinnamon and cocoa powder are delicious and some of the highest ORAC foods (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). That means they are powerful antioxidants and help neutralise free redicals and provide all the associated benefits of this. Try a sprinkle first and taste, then add as much as you like.
  • Lecithin is an emulsifier and is available in powdered/granulated form as a supplement. As an emulsifier it will join the fat and water molecules, this has a number of effects. It makes the smoothie really thick and creamy, especially if you have added yoghurt, it also makes it slower to digest so it will fill you up for longer, great for those who are on a slimming mission. It is also extremely good for you and it can "help to prevent arteriosclerosis, protect against cardiovascular disease, improve brain function, help keep the liver and kidneys healthy, aids in thiamin and vitamin A absorption". Every cell in the body needs it and you will quickly notice the memory benefits of lecithin (definitely worth taking for exams). Blend till the granules have dissolved, this may take a minute or two.
  • Jam can be added for extra sweetness, where needed. depending on what jam you use it can be a healthier way to sweeten due to the fruit content. Try apple juice sweetened jams, like Meridian’s fruit spread, they usually also have a higher fruit content than mainstream jams. Blueberry, blackberry and any other berries are my choice.
  • The "Extra Extra" Smoothie
  • Ice cream gives thickness and creaminess like yogurt, but also adds sweetness and an icy element. A couple of scoops should be plenty. Ice, particularly in combination with yoghurt, will bring that icy element of surprise.
  • Ground nuts give great flavour. Fine ground nuts will not give a bitty texture, although desiccated coconut will be a bit bitty for those who don’t like this.
  • Honey or maple Syrup (xylitol or agave syrup are great low GI alternatives) will give extra sweetness, if you need it.
  • Mint leaves are a refreshing summer extra. Experiment with what they go with.

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