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Orange Vinegar Multi Surface Cleaner Recipe

Vinegar is a well known natural, inexpensive and non toxic alternative to harsh chemical cleaning products. The acetic acid in both apple cider vinegar and distilled white vinegar give them their acidity level and their cleaning and disinfecting power. Vinegar is safe and efficient to use all around the house, from work surfaces and bathrooms to floors and drains. For that lovely citrus fresh scent and a little extra boost from the amazing grease-cutting properties of citrus oils, this homemade orange vinegar multi-surface cleaner is made by simply allowing orange peels to steep in distilled or apple cider vinegar for a couple of weeks. Dilute 50-50 with plain water for general household cleaning, and 1 part orange vinegar to at least 10 parts water for light cleaning or for delicate surfaces such as wood. DO NOT use on marble, granite and other natural stone surfaces, as vinegar will damage these.

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You will need

You will need :
a Mason jar or other glass jar
Orange (or other citrus : grapefruit, lemon, lime) peels, enough to fill at least half of your Mason jar
Apple cider vinegar, enough to cover the orange peels and fill the jar More products
A glass spray bottle

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  • Collect enough orange peels in your glass jar ; this could be in one go, say 6 oranges worth, or over a couple of days.
  • Top with enough vinegar to cover the peels and also go all the way to the top of the jar.
  • You could also, if you wanted, add some herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Orange and rosemary is a lovely scent combination.
  • Leave the closed jar in a cool and dark place like a cupboard for at least 2 weeks. The vinegar will extract the orange oils and also take a slight yellow tinge in that time.
  • After 2 weeks, strain the vinegar through a cheesecloth of a fine mesh sieve. Discard the used peels and dilute the infused vinegar 50-50 with plain water before transferring to a glass spray bottle (you can reuse any glass screw-top bottle with a recycled plastic sprayer).
  • Use as you would any shop-bought eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner.

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